Ikota Educational Foundation

Personalised Education
Each student is unique. To IEF, people are at the centre of the education process.
All Round Formation
Education based on the integration of sound academic, human and moral formation.
Parents & Teachers Collaboration
The assistance to each family and student through a one-on-one advisory system is an educational approach that is promoted by the educational projects of IEF.
Education In Values
Values promoted by IEF projects enable the pupils to reach personal maturity and develop a strong character.

About I.E.F.

Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF) is a not-for-profit educational trust registered in Nigeria and managed by a Board of Trustees. Its aim is to promote educational and social projects based on Christian principles and ideals that can contribute to the development of our society.

All Round Formation

Parents, the First Educators

Parents and Teachers Collaboration

Christian Identity

Education in Values

The Single - Sex Educational Model

I.E.F. projects

Through the support of individuals and corporate organisations who identify with the educational principles of IEF, the Foundation has been able to set up 3 schools in two States of the Federation: Whitesnads School in Lagos (2000), and Hillrange School (2017) and Roseville School (2018), both in Enugu.


IEF has established a Scholarship Fund to give bright and deserving boys and girls an opportunity to access quality education. The Fund is sustained by donations from parents, individuals and institutions. By contributing to the Scholarship Fund, in addition to carrying out a direct act of charity, donors make an immense impact to society in general.


Our Philosophy is founded on Personalised Education. Each student is unique. To IEF, people are at the centre of the education process. Therefore, personalised learning is promoted in order that students are able to develop their skills and aptitudes, form their own personality and make decisions in a free and responsible manner.