Through the support of individuals and cooperate organisations who identify with the educational principles of IEF – that parents are the first educators of their children and work in collaboration with the school towards the same educational ideals; the Foundation has been able to set up 3 schools in two States of the Federation.

These include:
Whitesands School, Lagos (October, 2000)
Hillrange Secondary School, Enugu (September, 2017)
Roseville Secondary School, Enugu (September, 2018).

These schools share the same educational principles and family-school model promoted by IEF.

Hillrange Secondary School and Roseville Secondary School are being developed in partnership with Ugbu Azu Foundation; a foundation in Enugu, formed by a group of parents concerned about their children’s education and shares the same educational principles with Ikota Educational Foundation.

In 2013, Ugbu Azu Foundation started the Hillrange Primary School for boys and Roseville Primary School for girls in close partnership with Whitesands School, a project of IEF. This initiative inspired IEF to establish Hillrange Secondary School and Roseville Secondary School.
Following the completion of the Hillrange Junior Secondary School in 2017, IEF is currently developing permanent sites for Hillrange Senior Secondary School and Roseville Secondary School.
To consistently align and facilitate the strategic objectives of the schools with that of the Foundation, a Board of Governors set up by the Board of Trustees of IEF, is responsible for the management team of each school and ultimately for the day to day running of the schools.