Our Philosophies

Personalised Education

Each student is unique.
To IEF, people are at the centre of the education process.
Therefore, personalised learning is promoted in order that every
student is able to fully develop their skills and aptitudes,
form their own opinions and make decisions in
a free and responsible manner with the help of parents and teachers.

All Round Formation

The quality of education offered by these schools is based on the integration of sound academic, human and moral formation. An education which is not only centred on the acquisition of knowledge, but directed towards stimulating and developing the students’ aptitudes and criteria so that each of them will become a person of strong convictions, capable of acting in accordance with them in different circumstance in life.

Parents, the First Educators

The right and responsibility of a child’s education always lies with the parents.
IEF is convinced that quality personalized education is only possible when carried out in mutual collaboration between the parents and the school.
This is an essential part of our educational projects.

Parents and Teachers Collaboration

The right and responsibilities of children’s education rests upon their parents, who are helped by the teachers in their role as first educators.
The assistance to each family and student through a one-on-one advisory system is an educational approach that is promoted by the educational projects of IEF.

Christian Identity

Educational Project of IEF promotes activities which are inspired by a transcendental vision of human existence and by the principle of a person’s dignity, a characteristic of the Christian spirit.
This is done within a framework of a refined respect for all religious beliefs, since the schools are open to students of all backgrounds.
At the request of Ikota Educational Foundation the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church, provides spiritual and doctrinal formation to those who wish to receive it. It thus helps the initiatives to keep alive their Christian Identity.

Education in Values

Values promoted by IEF projects enable the pupils to reach personal maturity and develop a strong character. Diligence, sincerity, cheerfulness, order, understanding, respect, generosity, collaboration and teamwork are some of the key values IEF hopes to instill through its projects.

The Single - Sex Educational Mode

This model facilitates the personalized education and deals with the different rates of development between girls and boys, in various stages of their education.
The girls’ and boys’ schools share the same educational objectives, syllabuses and teaching tools.
This teaching model, recognised by UNESCO, has been present for a number of decades in developed countries.